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The conditions most drivers face when driving off road can range from very easy, to very treacherous. The first condition that's always changing is the terrain, when the roads are testing tires are subjected to harsh conditions. Our OTR Patches are designed to ensure that your OTR tires are always in operable condition. We are one among the top OTR TYRE repair patches suppliers in India. Kwik® Chemical Cure OTR Tyre Repair Patches

  • Vulcanises at room temperature, when Kwik Sol is applied.
  • No heat is required.
  • Available for OTR tyres.
  • Special patches for OTR sidewall repairs
  • **For Best Results use with KWIK SOL / HD BLUE compatiblewith other suitable accelerator solutions also.**

    Product Code Product Names Prodname Ply Dimensions Qty/Box Action
    KOT-139 MCX50 MCX50 4 Ply 200x560 5
    KOT-140 MCX52 MCX52 4 Ply 255x757 5
    KOT-141 MCX56 MCX56 5 Ply 265x735 5
    KOT-142 MCX60 MCX60 5 Ply 265x1010 5
    KOT-143 MCX55 MCX55 5 Ply 260x330 2
    KOT-144 MCX65 MCX65 6 Ply 330x420 2
    KOT-145 MCX68 MCX68 7 Ply 350x760 2
    KOT-146 MCX80 MCX80 2 Ply 140 x 200 5
    KOT-147 MCX82 MCX82 2 ply 190 x 265 5
    KOT-148 MCX84 MCX84 3 ply 215 x 300 5
    KOT-149 MCX86 MCX86 3 ply 247 x 345 5
    KOT-150 MCX54 MCX54 5 ply 255x575 5
    KOT-151 MCX75 MCX75 8 Ply 450x530 2