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Since 1990, Established by Mr.Srinath Rajam

Welcome to Kwik Gloves

100% EOU, One of the TVS Group of Company Strong commitment to customers,Highly flexible to change Family 800+ team members Strong Factory Team along with dedicated Development team to work on shorter lead times for samples

Capacity & Lead Time

Currently we are producing 18,000 gloves per day with 21 days lead time.900 employees are working with our company and we are continuously expanding the capacity based on the customer requirements.

Systems & Facilities

Having 25 mini factories at present to produce different type of models and customer orders to satisfy every one. Having in- house screen printing, TPR and heat transferring facilities in side factory to manage the orders and timely delivery also the better prices.

Product Development Strengths

Computerized Pattern Sewer machine
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Heat Transfer Machine
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New Machines in Screen printing
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Pre shipment Audit Room